About me

Paul is an award winning filmmaker, a determined time-lapse enthusiast and a nature photographer. He is known for his poetic and creative camera work. He has worked in the Dutch Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve on the wildly successful The New Wilderness (the highest grossing natural history film in the Netherlands), for which he created all the time-lapse sequences.

At the 50th BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, he was the winner of the TimeLapse Special Award. The winning sequence reveals snow shrouding a kingfisher in white, a frozen tree in starlight and the eye of a red deer doe freezing solid. The result is a moving tribute to natural rhythms - watch the clip here

His wildlife images were published in the accompanying photo book to the film The New Wilderness. “When you work in the field for over two years, you are bound to witness special moments. The photo book features the best of that two-year experience.” His aim is to capture the essence of wilderness in his images.

On the coasts of Southeast Alaska he made a short film using time-lapse techniques and underwater footage in order to tell the story of the nutrient cycle in a fascinating new way. His current film projects involves around the Frisian Islands. This archipelago at the eastern edge of the North Sea is rich in flora and fauna. Hundreds of thousands of migrating shorebirds visit these Islands. They are a rich habitat for gulls, terns and grey seals. A place where the elements are not to be trifled with. A release is estimated in 2018.


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