Paul is an Award-Winning cameraman specialized in wildlife filmmaking. He is also a determined time-lapse enthusiast and occasionally a nature photographer. Upcoming projects include work for Netflix, Apple and BBC produced blue-chip natural history series.

Highly visual, with a creative eye for strong compositions, his skillset includes long lens animal behavior and sequence work. His aim is to capture the essence of wilderness. He has travelled through a wide range of climates and habitats. From high up in the Himalayas, to the thick jungle of the Amazon and into the harsh cold of Antarctica.

Winner of the Time-lapse category at the 50th BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition - view the clip here

Recent credits:

Frozen Planet II - BBC NHU

Perfect Planet - Silverback Films

Earth at Night - Offspring Films

Seven Worlds One Planet - BBC NHU

Our Planet - Silverback Films


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