Creative and Poetic Wildlife Filmmaking

Film is a combination of many art forms. It can transport the mind to anytime and anywhere imaginable. This is what draws me most to film. The ability to create worlds, to share, to feel, to understand and inspire. To apply the art of film to nature, is a challenging but ultimately rewarding task. It takes seasons, sometimes years to get the story fully told. Along the way the natural world never seizes to surprise and amaze me to the point when you realize how wonderful nature really is.

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The New Wilderness. Critically acclaimed and number one at the box office. Winner of the Golden Calf for Best Popular Film 2014 and the Rembrandt Award for Best Dutch Film 2014.

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If you have the patience, the time-lapse photography technique can result in remarkable visuals. Normally hidden in time, processes will now reveal themselves. Scenes unfold in ways that otherwise would simply go unnoticed.

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Photography has always remained a great passion of mine. Browse through photographs from recent projects and remote places.