A World Without Time

This reel highlights the time-lapse work from the Dutch cinema film The New Wilderness. The technique became an important part of the storytelling whenever we couldn’t capture certain things in realtime. Like when sun-kissed coltsfoot plants rise and open. When frost slowly evaporates in the early morning light. When a rainbow forms during a rain pouring. In those moments, the revealing power of time-lapse will never seize to amaze me.



In the dead of night I went out to seek the tree again. It was a beautiful night in February and one of the coldest ever in Holland. I knew how to place the camera. Like the branches of the dead tree, clawing towards the stars. In the morning all would be revealed. The tree froze during that night. It was then and there that I realized the potential of timelapse. It led me to a path which would reveal many more hidden secrets. Watch the shorter BBC winning clip here